The New Hampshire Association for Justice honors those who have helped to advance our mission of justice for all with annual awards that include: the Civil Justice Award, the Granite State Advocate Award, the Board of Governor’s Award the President’s Award and the Lifetime Achievement Award.   A complete listing of past award recipients can be viewed here.
The Civil Justice Award was established in 1996 to recognize individuals who have demonstrated a long-term commitment to the goals for which the New Hampshire Association for Justice was established, namely, “to promote the administration of justice for the public good,…to uphold the honor and dignity of the profession of law,…to uphold the right of trial by jury,…to preserve and enhance the rights of persons to have access to the Courts and our system of justice,…and to afford everyone a full, fair and timely remedy for wrongs done. “ In short, this award recognizes outstanding commitment to the improvement and preservation of the American civil justice system. The award is not limited to members of the NHAJ or even to attorneys.
Year       Recipient
2019      Hon. Kenneth C. Brown, Retired Justice of the New Hampshire Supreme Court
2018      Sen. Donna M. Soucy, New Hampshire General Court
2017      Hon. Carol Ann Conboy, Retired Justice of the New Hampshire Supreme Court
2016      Chief Justice Tina Nadeau, Judge Sawako Gardner, Judge James Leary (Drug Courts)
2015      Peter S. Smith, Esq.  (posthumously)
2014      Claire Ebel, NH Civil Liberties Union
2013      New Hampshire Legal Assistance
2012      The Concord Monitor
2011      Hon. Kenneth R. McHugh, Associate Justice of New Hampshire Supreme Court
2010      Rep. Peter R. Leischman, New Hampshire General Court
(formerly the Special Recognition Award)
Special recognition is given periodically to attorneys in New Hampshire who, in the course of zealously representing their clients, pursue and help achieve substantive changes in the law of the state which improve our civil justice system, enhance the rights of citizens’ access to the courts, preserve the right of trial by jury or enhance the right of everyone to attain full, fair and timely remedies for civil wrongs.
Year       Recipient
2019      Jared P. O'Connor for his work in Appeal of Andrew Panaggio
2018      B.J. Branch and Megan Douglass for their work in Langevin v. Travco Insurance Company
2017      Lawrence A. Vogelman for his work in the Legal Boots on the Ground/Veterans Law Project
2016      Leslie H. Johnson for her work in US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission v Fred Fuller Oil Company, Inc. and Appeal of Northridge Environmental, LLC, 
              and Ellen Purcell for her work in US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission v Fred Fuller Oil Company, Inc
2015      Nancy Richards-Stower for her long history of advocacy for the rights of employees
2013      Brian C. Shaughnessy for his work on Dan's City Used Cards, Inc. v. Pelkev
2012      Barbara R. Keshen and Jon Meyer for their work on Doyle v. Commissioner
The Board of Governors Award is presented to a member or associate member of NHAJ who has demonstrated exemplary support of the Association and its goals over an extended period of time through the volunteering of his or her time and expertise and/or financial support.
 Year       Recipient
2019     Holly B. Haines
2018     Roger D. Turgeon
2017     Timothy C. Coughlin & Finis E. Williams, III
2016     Christine Craig
2015     Jared O'Connor and Anna G. Zimmerman
2014     William D. Woodbury
2013     Robin C. Curtiss
2012     Ralph F. Holmes
2011     Kevin F. Dugan
2010     Gary B. Richardson                               
The President’s Award is given annually to the individual who, in the opinion of the President, has been of outstanding service to the Association and of particular help to the President of the year of the award. The award is not limited to members of the Association but may be presented to anyone who assists the Association in achieving its objectives for that year.
Year      Recipient
2019     Roger D. Turgeon
2018     Marissa L. Chase
2017     Holly B. Haines
2016     Thomas  R. Watson
2015     Amanda L. Gazlay
2014     Anna Goulet Zimmerman
2013     Maureen Raiche Manning
2012     William D. Woodbury
2011     Paul W. Chant
2010     Ellen J. Shemitz
The NHAJ Lifetime Achievement Award is awarded to an individual who provides outstanding service and dedication to the NH Legal System over the course of their lifetime.
Year      Recipient
2019    David M. Gottesman
2018    Edward W. Stewart, Jr.
2017    Phillip R. Waystack
2016    Marilyn McNamara (awarded posthumously)
2015    Paul Cox, Esq.  Burns, Bryant, Cox, Rockefeller & Durkin
2014    Charles "Chuck" Douglas and Hon. Kenneth McHugh
2013    David Nixon




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