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The New Hampshire Association for Justice (NHAJ) is an organization of trial lawyers committed to helping people achieve access to justice and holding those who cause harm accountable. As recent tragedies have unfolded, and as we close out Pride Month, we remain mindful that the injustices visited upon people of color and the historically disenfranchised for hundreds of years persist to this day . As such, NHAJ’s Board of Governors reaffirms our commitment to working for equal justice for everyone. 


For more than 50 years, the ‘qualified immunity’ doctrine has shielded law enforcement officers who commit harm from being brought to justice. As lawyers fighting for every individual’s right to seek justice, we believe those whose rights are violated must be able to seek accountability, especially when they or their families are targets of systemic racism, discrimination, and brutality.


America’s ongoing struggle to expose and eliminate legal, economic, and social discrimination could not be clearer than it is at this moment. As lawyers who advocate for fairness and accountability, it is incumbent upon us all as individuals, and as an organization, to work to end discrimination against all people in every form.  



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Membership in NHAJ is an investment in your profession.  The contacts you make, the information you get and the knowledge you share helps you and your clients. For over 35 years, the New Hampshire Association for Justice has been developing and leveraging the knowledge and skills of trial lawyers to preserve public access to the courts, protect individual rights and promote justice for all.

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Hone your legal skills through ongoing professional education by trial attorneys for trial attorneys.  From discovery and evidence, to courtroom tactics to appellate practice, NHAJ seminars will enable you to maintain the highest standards of professional practice.  Whether you attend in person or , NHAJ seminars will help you across all areas of your practice.

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