The New Hampshire Association for Justice (NHAJ) develops and leverages the knowledge and skills of trial lawyers to preserve public access to the courts,
protect individual rights, and promote justice for all.


Advancing Justice
NHAJ is the voice for trial lawyers across New Hampshire. Our Legislative Committee and staff monitor hundreds of bills each legislative session to ensure that your voice is heard to protect access to the courts, preserve consumer rights, and promote justice.

Develop Skills
Hone your legal skills through ongoing professional education by trial attorneys for trial attorneys. From discovery and evidence, to courtroom tactics to appellate practice, our seminars will enable you to maintain the highest standards of professional practice. Added benefit: our extensive library of webinars – CLEs when you want them.

Connect to Members
Our Attorney Listserv puts technology to work for our members. This powerful on-line networking tool is like adding hundreds of experienced partners to your firm. Members consistently cite our email listserv among the most important member benefits.   NHAJ can also be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Peer Groups
The NHAJ Board of Governors has established Peer Groups as an additional member benefit to enhance your practice.  NHAJ has five Peer Groups in the following Practice Areas: (1) MVA (2) Medical Malpractice  (3) Worker's Compensation (4) Family Law (5) Civil Rights.   Participation in any Peer Group and in any Peer Group meeting is open to any NHAJ Member.  Each Peer Group typically meets semi- annually to discuss case presentation ideas, developing trends, practice area relevant legislative topics and provide opportunities for each member to become better advocates for their clients. You can participate in as many Peer Groups as you like.    Contact NHAJ to sign up!

Provide Resources
For over thirty years, the Trial Bar News has kept our members with case summaries, analysis and updates. Our online Verdicts and Settlements database contains more than 3,000 reports and our data bank contains over 150 documents, both easily accessible right on our website.

Finance Your Cases
NHAJ has partnered with SBA Justice Loan Group to provide you with low cost loans for your cases and your firm.  Call them at (516)900-6905 and apply!

Case Evaluation Clinics
If you have a case that you would like reviewed and get advice on, then bring your questions and your cases to NHAJ's Case Evaluation Clinic!  Held at various locations around New Hampshire, you will get in-depth review and analysis of your case by a panel of distinguished attorneys.  Clinics cover trial strategies, problem solving, trial themes, among many others.  Please send your case to the NHAJ Office if you are interested.

Document Bank
With NHAJ's relationship with Trialsmith, you have access to the nation's largest online litigation deposition bank with more than 150,000 depos and other litigation materials for trial lawyers. 

Trial Watch Program
An opportunity for NHAJ Members opportunity to sit in and watch other trial lawyers at work in the courtroom. The court appearances can be anything from motions in limine to closing arguments. You can submit your courtroom appearances on the Trial Watch form here.  The Trial Watch Calendar will be posted online.  Both can be found under the Attorney Toolbox section of this site.

Conference Room Use

The  NHAJ office has a small conference room (fits 6 comfortably) for NHAJ members' use at no charge. You can meet prospective clients and hold meetings.  Please contact Lisa Gowern or Sylvia Abbott at 603.224.7077 to make your reservations.





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