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Matthew J. Hass received his bachelor’s degree in Communications focusing his studies on rhetorical theory, persuasion and debate from Henderson State University in 1999. Matthew’s strong interest in politics coupled with his communications background was a perfect fit for political campaign work. Matthew began volunteering for political campaigns before he could drive, and his role quickly evolved to campaign management. Matthew honed his advocacy skills in this capacity by successfully running the Smoke Free Arkansas campaign and going on to represent the Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association, the state’s largest professional association of plaintiff’s attorneys. In his role as ATLA’s government affairs director, he was responsible for managing one of the state’s largest political action committees and representing the interests of the injured before the Arkansas General Assembly. Based on his success with the legislature, ATLA membership honored Matthew by naming him ATLA’s chief executive officer in 2009, where he continued researching messaging and outcomes in various scenarios ranging from jury analysis to ballot campaign strategy. Matthew’s ability to zero in on the most salient points of complex issues for mass audiences led to the formation of The Focus Firm, a focus-group based consulting service in 2015 where he researches effective messaging for juries, voters, and consumers. He carries his skills and passion for protecting individual rights to the national level as he serves on the executive committee of the National Association of Trial Lawyers Executives. When he is not working or digesting the latest political news, Matthew can usually be found on his sailboat, a river, or hiking trail with his wife Tonya and their dog, Moxie.

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