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Below please find links for white papers to important civil justice issues.  Please note that some documents are member only protected.

Courts and Access to Justice

Consumer Protection

Health Care

Insurance Reform

Medical Negligence

New Hampshire Legislative Process

Workers' Compensation

Courts and the Access to Justice
Center for Justice and Democracy, November 2010

Civil Justice Reform Initiative 
National Center for State Courts

The State of the States Survey of Jury Improvement Efforts: A Compendium Report
Center for Jury Studies, April 2007

Weakening the Collateral Source Rule - Dangerous and Unwise
Center for Justice & Democracy

Glossary of "Tort Reforms"
Center for Justice & Democracy

Tort Costs and the Economy:  Myths, Exaggerations and Propaganda
Economic Policy Institute, November 2006

The Truth about Torts: Using Agency Preemption to Undercut Consumer Health and Safety
Center for Progressive Reform, September 2007

Consumer Protection

Final Report on FRM

Hazardous to Your Health: How the Civil Justice System Holds Corporate Polluters Accountable
American Association for Justice (July 2010) 

Kids 'N Safe Play: Regulation, Litigation and Playground Safety
Center for Justice & Democracy

Products and Practices Made Safer As A Result of Civil Lawsuits
Center for Justice & Democracy

The Wyeth Case, Corporate Immunity and "Preemption"
Center for Justice & Democracy

Experts Say: Limits on Corporate Liability Led to the Subprime Mortgage Crisis
Center for Justice & Democracy

Safety Second

The "McDonald's Coffee Case" and Other Fictions
Center for Justice & Democracy

Health Care

Letter to President Obama: Health Care Reform
Center for Justice & Democracy

The Bitterest Pill
Center for Justice & Democracy

US Grapples with Solutions to Preventable Medical Errors
(CMAJ - Canadian Medical Association - March 2009)

Insurance Reform

Repeat Offenders: How the Insurance Industry Manufactures Crises and Harms America
(Joanne Doroshow and Bob Hunter, Center for Justice and Democracy, 2011)

Here's Really Why Your Insurance Rates Go Up, Then Don't
(Joanne Doroshow, Center for Justice and Democracy, October 2010)

Ten Worst Insurance Companies in America: How they Raise Premiums, Deny Claims, and Refuse Insurance to Those Who Need it Most
(American Association for Justice, July 2008)

Tricks of the Trade: How Insurance Companies Deny, Delay, Confuse and Refuse
(American Association of Justice, November 2008)

Medical Negligence
NH Early Offer Proposal Unbalanced and Unfair
Center for Justice and Democracy
Public Citizen 
How Medical Apology Programs Harm Patients
Suffolk Law School, November 2011
Washington Monthly, March 2011
Recent Medical Malpractice Studies
Center for Justice and Democracy, December 2010

How to Put Patients First
Las Vegas Sun, December 2010

Medical Malpractice Review Panels and Medical Liability System Cost, Timeliness, and Efficiency: A Cross Sectional Study, Journal of Empirical Legal Studies
July 2008

Report of NH Superior Court on Medical Screening Panel Hearings
September 2008

Report of the NH Superior Court on Medical Screening Panel Hearings,
September 2007

New Studies Debunk Medical Malpractice Myths
Center for Justice and Democracy

Most Massachusetts Doctors Face Lower Costs for Malpractice Coverage,
Boston Globe, May 13, 2008

The Truth About Medical Malpractice Litigation
Center for Justice and Democracy

Clinical Practice Guidelines as Legal Standards
Center for Justice and Democracy

Annals of Medicine - The Checklist
The New Yorker

New Hampshire Legislative Process

Workers’ Compensation

Iowa Workers’ Compensation Commissioner’s Task Force Process Report
October 2008

Workers' Compensation System: Delays, Incompetence and Bias
Center for Justice and Democracy

Workers' Compensation System: Plagued by Retalition Against Workers
Center for Justice and Democracy




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