Roy A. Duddy, John A. Wolkowski and Charles V. Moser
receive NHTLA Special Recognition Award



Special Recognitions are given periodically to attorneys in New Hampshire who, in the course of zealously representing their clients, pursue and help achieve substantive changes in the law of the state which improve our civil justice system, enhance the rights of citizens' access to the courts, preserve the right of trial by jury or enhance the right of everyone to attain full, fair and timely remedies for civil wrongs.

Roy A. Duddy and John A. Wolkowski of Duddy Law Offices in Bedford, together with Co-Counsel Charles V. Moser of Laconia, are also recipients of this year's Special Recognition award for their work on Catrina Graves v. Franklin L. Estabrook.

Catrina Graves watched a negligent driver run a stop sign and hit her fiancé, who was thrown over the roof of the driver's car, suffered severe head injury and ultimately death. Notwithstanding the fact that they had lived together for over seven years and were engaged to be married, the lower court denied Catrina Graves any right to recover for negligent infliction of emotional distress because she was not related to him by blood or marriage. This case was taken to the Supreme Court and the lower court decision was overruled in a moving decision which held that Catrina Graves could recover damages for emotional distress as a result of witnessing the collision, citing that "to foreclose [an unmarried cohabitant] from making a claim based upon emotional harm because her relationship with the injured person does not carry a particular label is to work a potential injustice…" Dunphy v. Gregor, 642 A.2d at 378 (N.J. 1994). For more information, please see the New Hampshire Trial Lawyers Association Amicus page on its website at

Attorney Roy A. Duddy has been an active member of the New Hampshire Trial Lawyers Association, serving on its Board as a Governor-At-Large for the last two years. Additionally, he has served on the Member Services Committee and has been an active supporter of the golf tournament. For over twenty years, he has been involved in the general practice of law primarily in the State of New Hampshire and at the state and federal level. For several years, Attorney Duddy was Assistant Professor of Industrial Education at Keene State College. He is a member of the New Hampshire Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the Association of Trial Lawyers of America, the American Bar Association, and an American Arbitration Association member of the Commercial and Construction Arbitration Panels. He is admitted to the New Hampshire and Florida Bar, as well as the Federal, U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit, and U.S. Supreme Court. He received his J.D. from Franklin Pierce Law Center in 1979.

Attorney John A. Wolkowski has been an active member of the New Hampshire Trial Lawyers Association, having served on the Continuing Legal Education Committee for the last several years. He has been a practicing attorney for over sixteen years. After being a sole practioner for six years, he joined Duddy Law Offices in June 2001. He concentrates his practice in the areas of personal injury law, workers' compensation law, family law, and criminal defense. Attorney Wolkowski practices in all New Hampshire Courts, the United States District Court, the District of New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. He obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from St. Anselm College in 1982 and graduated from the Franklin Pierce Law Center in 1986.

Attorney Charles V. Moser of Mason, has been practicing law for more than a decade. His primary focus is on civil litigation and personal injury. He is a graduate of Keen State College and earned his J.D. at Franklin Pierce Law Center.






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